Psychonauts Deconstruction

Psychonauts Deconstruction - 1 James Corcoran CSCI 180...

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James Corcoran CSCI 180 Professor Colon Deconstruction of Psychonauts Psychonauts is a platformer in which the player controls a character named Razputin. The player uses items, psychic abilities, jumping, and punching to complete levels in Psychonauts. Much of the game takes place in the minds of other people, which are accessed through a small door that attaches to their heads. The game takes place at a training camp for children with psychic potential and abilities. We learn that Razputin’s parents shunned Razputin as a child for embracing his psychic gift. They believed that he should follow in their footsteps and work at the circus. Therefore, Razputin deemed it necessary to run away from his “circus prison” and break into the training camp for psychonauts, run by four powerful psychonauts, who help train Razputin throughout that game. However, Razputin eventually finds out that the camp is not all that it appears to be. The camp turns out to be part of Dr. Loboto’s evil scheme to take over the world by extracting all of the psychonauts’ brains and using them to control his “death tanks”. Through various challenging missions, Razputin saves the campers and the other psychonauts from the grasp of Dr. Loboto and convinces his father that his purpose in life is to be a psychonaut. The game concept of Psychonauts is absolutely compelling. The story and gameplay fit together so well that the player feels like he is actually part of the game. The leveling mechanics and learning curve of the game also make the player want to keep playing and getting better, which is often hard to find in a single player game.
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Psychonauts Deconstruction - 1 James Corcoran CSCI 180...

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