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James Corcoran Paul Blomeyer WRIT 140; Section 64320 12/3/10 Essay #5 Intrinsic Disagreement: The Inevitable Gap Humans are programmed with certain predispositions as a result of evolution . Fear of the death and the unknown, preference toward your own social group are examples of ingrained traits that have helped the human species survive and flourish . However, these traits also encourage selfish short-term behavior . In the face of uncertainty and threats, such as natural disasters, wars, and economic instability, self- interest becomes stronger . Developments leading to a more ideal society require a level of sustained security that allows society time to overcome these natural predispositions . By making decisions, humankind moves toward a more ideal society, because it is moving toward ideas that will eventually become almost universally accepted . Adjusting our values and thinking reduces the gap between arguments and agreements, therefore moving our reality closer to ideality . However, the innate human traits of loss aversion and conformity act against the willingness to differ our value systems, and thus we move closer to an ideal society at a slow rate because society, as a whole, is reluctant to change . This disinclination is created by individual people’s unwillingness to step out of the norm because of the perceived consequences . Behavior encouraged by short-term thinking causes differing points of view on ethical issues, therefore creating a gap between reality and an imminent, more ideal 1
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society . People think more about immediate consequences and benefits than long-term effects, even if the benefits or consequences of the long-term greatly outweigh those of the short-term . Women’s rights have been a controversial issue that has given women nearly equal respect and opportunities as men . However, women today are still not treated equally toward men in the workplace . A man typically earns more than a woman of equal talent. Bosses usually uses short-term thinking to prevent women’s rights from moving forward by underpaying their female workers . They are motivated by cheap labor for equal work talent. However,
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Writ 140 A5 - 1 James Corcoran Paul Blomeyer WRIT 140;...

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