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KEPLER’S LAWS: PART 1 ASTRONOMY 101 Ver 6/06 OBJECTIVES Johannes Kepler formulated three laws that described how the planets orbit around the Sun. His work paved the way for that of Sir Isaac Newton, who derived the underlying physical reasons why the planets behaved as Kepler had described. In this exercise, you will use computer simulations of orbital motions to experiment with the various aspects of Kepler’s three laws of motion. EQUIPMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Computer with Internet connection to the Solar System Collaboratory at the University of Colorado, Boulder (see URL below). This laboratory was compiled by the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder. GETTING STARTED Here is how you get your computer up and running. 1. Launch the Netscape browser. 2. Do not use “maximized” windows—if you do not see the “desktop” in the background, click on the double window button at the upper right of the Netscape window. 3. Go to the Collaboratory website at http://solarsystem.colorado.edu/cu-astr If the above website is not functioning, the alternate website you can use is: http://callisto.colorado.edu/solarsystem/ 4. Click on “Enter Website” at whichever resolution is appropriate for you computer monitor screen. 5. Click on the Modules option. 6. Click on Kepler’s Laws . Choose Kepler’s First Law . AST 101 Laboratory— Kepler’s Laws: Part 1 Page 1 of 6
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Note: We intentionally do not give you “cook-book”, how-to instructions, but instead allow you to explore around the various available windows to answer the questions. But Note:
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11-keplers_laws_part_1[1] - KEPLERS LAWS PART 1 ASTRONOMY...

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