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Zhuangzi - releases us from the bondage of fear(once we...

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Zhuangzi - wrote the work, Zhuangzi o divided into outer chapers, mixed chapters, and inner chapeters. - Zhuangzi argues that life is limited - There is unlimited knowledge that one can gain - Therefore, to use limited time to pursue unlimited knowledge is foolish - We should be aware that our most carefully considered conclusions might seem misguided if we experienced a different past. - Natural dispositions to behavior combine with acquired ones - Death is necessary and inevitable. The inevitability of death
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Unformatted text preview: releases us from the bondage of fear (once we accept the inevitability)-Cycle of life o Spiritless mass spirit form life death-Death = bliss-In life, we worry and obsess about things like status and wealth, which are unimportant in death-Let things be. Don’t fear the future-Yan Hui painter-Chia Yi (poet) wrote a poem called The Owl where everything in his life has gone wrong (lost career, exiled, etc.) o An owl (a symbol of disaster) comes in...
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