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COMM 160 Binay S. Patel MOTIVATIONAL: ENTREPRENUERSHIP DURING COLLEGE SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade the audience of IBE students that they should engage in entrepreneurship while still in college to take advantage of the resources and avenues available to them during their time at Lehigh University. INTRODUCTION: I. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration nearly 50% of all small businesses fail in their very first five years! Common reasons for this include a lack of experience by founders, poor implementation strategies and insufficient capital. II. The Integrated Business & Engineering program at Lehigh University does not just opens the door of opportunity for tomorrow but for today as well. The time to start a business in now, during our college years. The IBE program, and Lehigh University as a whole, helps us build start ups through in class and out of classroom experiences, provides access to on and off campus business resources, and helps us obtain financial and intellectual capital. These skills and resources are harder to obtain in the real world. BODY:
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sample_Motivational_Entreprenuership_outline - COMM 160...

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