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Questions for Movie Crash

Questions for Movie Crash - What does this tell us about...

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Questions about the film, Crash -Does the movie perpetuate racism and stereotypes by allowing viewers to rationalize their prejudices or is the movie effective in getting people to recognize why and how racism is a problem? Some complain that the characters in the film are reactionary and not proactive. Explain. -Is Matt Dillon’s character redeemed by the end of the movie? -In your view, what was the purpose of casting Anthony and Larenz in the way they were portrayed (the two African-Americans who stole the SUV after they just completed a sophisticated disagreement over the issue of racism)? -How does Brendon Frazier respond to the car-jacking? How does Sandra Bullock respond? How do their responses illustrate their different characters? -Pay attention to how the director gets you to assume you know each character initially only to be surprised by a change of events. Our initial assumptions about the characters are often destroyed.
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Unformatted text preview: What does this tell us about the human condition?-Do all of the main characters have something in common? Explain.-Observe how the characters in the movie use race to deflect their anger?-When the characters crash into each other, what do they learn about themselves? What are the tensions the African-American director must deal with in the film?-Does the movie cause you to reflect on your own prejudices and stereotypes? How?-Can you identify with any of the characters in the film and the stereotypes they hold? -What does the film say about the capacity of human beings; what does it say about our commonness?-Does the film fail to bring any issues to the table for us to discuss with regard to discrimination and racism?-Some have criticized the movie for simply attempting to promote tolerance among all races rather than showing the root causes of racism grounded in white privilege. What do you think?...
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