Week1 - Week1LLED5730E Behaviorism Nativism/ Cognitivism...

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Week 1- LLED 5730E What aspects of language development are illuminated by each of the following  theoretical perspectives? -Behaviorism -Nativism/theoretical linguistics -Cognitivism -Social interactionism During this week we will address questions like the following: What makes language uniquely human? What are the common linguistic levels of analysis? How do teachers of young children use knowledge of linguistics to  be more effective? How can an understanding of linguistic development lead to a  greater respect for cultural and linguistic diversity? During this week we will read about one child's language development from  infancy through the school years.  We will use this case study to address  questions such as the following: What are the expected sequences of language  development (or, what is the "acquisition order"), -In terms of prelinguistic development? -In terms of a child's sound system (phonological development)? -In terms of a child's vocabulary (semantic or lexical  development)? -In terms of a child's grammar (morphological and syntactic  development)? -In terms of a child's ability to use language effectively (pragmatic  development)?   o At what age to children typically develop these linguistic capacities? o What are some common techniques for systematically measuring growing  linguistic complexity? o How can we use these techniques to study our own cases? Up to this point, the course has focused largely on the development of linguistic  forms.  During this week, we will see that knowledge of linguistic form develops  along with the capacity to use those forms in functionally effective ways.  
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      We will address questions like the following:    What is "communicative competence"? What are some typical functional categories used to analyze language? What is the relationship between language form and language function? How can knowledge of variation in the functional use of language help teachers  become more culturally and linguistically sensitive? What is the relationship between functional language development and literacy 
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Week1 - Week1LLED5730E Behaviorism Nativism/ Cognitivism...

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