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ESOC 3420 - another • One for all and all for one...

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ESOC 3420 16:30 Eleven “Conditions of Democracy” by, Karen LeCompte 1. How could you use these conditions to teach students about Democracy? Trust: creates safe environment in the classroom Social capital: working together Economic exchange: teaches students to how to budget, responsibility, and  making change Respect for Justice: accepting that there are consequences for every action Respect for civil discourse: listening when others talk and not interrupting one 
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Unformatted text preview: another • One for all, and all for one: importance of the individual and his/her contributions to the community • Free and Open Inquiry: Asking Questions free and openly • Now refer to Alleman and Brophy, Nalle, and O’Mahoney and Diegel articles… 1. What are 3 ways you could teach students about democracy by how you conduct or design your classroom? 16:30 16:30...
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