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Petr 3402 Lab #3 Excel - Wpy w(g Weight of pycnometer...

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Data Sheet: Fluid Saturation Name: Raymond Hupp Instructor's Signature: Section/Group: TA - 4 Date of Experiment: 9/28/2010 Lab Partners: Room Temperature71 F Barometric Pressure: 682.4 mm Hg 22 C 13.199 psia 24.0000 35.9087 57.1282 60.6029 55.2226 0.8842 1.0289 0.8048 91.8260 87.7400 4.0860 1.4406 2.6465 1.4000 3.2872 149.1430 102.4700 Pore Volume, Vp = (Wta-Wd) /  t (cm^3) ρ 69.4486 Bulk Volume, Vb = (Wta-Wtt) /  t (cm^3) ρ 52.7886 Water Saturation, Sw = (Vw/Vp) * 100 (%) 2.0159 Oil Saturation,  So = (Vo/Vp) * 100 (%) 4.7333 Gas Saturation, Sg = 100-So-Sw (%) 93.2508 Full Volume of pycnometer,  Vpy  (cm^3) Weight of empty pycnometer,  Wpy  (g) Weight of pycnometer filled with toluene,  Wpy+t  (g) Weight of pycnometer filled with brine, 
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Unformatted text preview: Wpy+w (g) Weight of pycnometer filled with oil, Wpy+o (g) Desnity of toluene, t ρ (g/cm^3) Density of water, w ρ (g/cm^3) Density of oil, o ρ (g/cm^3) Weight of the fluid-saturated core, Wfa (g) Weight of the dry core, Wd (g) (from Exp. 4) Weight of the liquids removed from the core sample, Wl (g) Weight of the condensed water, Ww (g) Weight of the oil removed from the core sample, Wo (g) Volume of the condensed water, Vw (cm^3) Volume of oil removed form the core sample, Wta (cm^3) Weight of the toluene saturated core, Wta (g) Weight of the toluene saturated core immersed in Toluene, Wtt (g)...
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