Petr 3402 Lab #4

Petr 3402 Lab #4 - TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock 4...

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Unformatted text preview: TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock PropertiesExperiment 4: PorosityExperiment Date: 5thOctober 2010Report Submission Date: 19thOctober 2010Submitted By: Raymond HuppPartners Names:Aaron BlaséBrady GrasmickExecutive Summary:In the following experiment entitled “Porosity”, the students had to calculate the effective porosity of our given core sample. To do so, we had to use a Vernier Caliper, Electronic Balance, & a Helium Porosimeter. Each group was given a lab set number and we had to record this number on our data sheet. The number that we were given corresponds to a certain billet’s marked A,B,C,D and E. Each billet was a different size and shape. At first, we measured the core sample’s length and diameters via a Vernier Caliper. We then took three reading of the length and averaged them, and then we did five readings of the diameter and averaged those. After all of that, we used setup number four and our first objective was to find the original and final pressure of just the billet that we were assigned. The next step was to place our given core in place of several billets so that the billets and core would be flush with the top of the contraption. Then, we did the first part and found the original pressure and the final pressure. Finally, we put our core in place of two billets and repeated the experiment and wrote down our pressure for this...
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Petr 3402 Lab #4 - TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock 4...

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