Petr 3402 Lab #5

Petr 3402 Lab #5 - TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock...

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Unformatted text preview: TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock PropertiesExperiment 5: Gas PermeabilityExperiment Date: 19thOctober 2010Report Submission Date: 26thOctober 2010Submitted By: Raymond HuppPartners Names:Aaron BlasBrady GrasmickExecutive Summary:In the following experiment entitled Gas Permeability, our objective was the determine the permeability of our given core sample by injecting Nitrogen throughout the core. At first, we injected several different amounts of pressure such as 20 psig, 30 psig, etc. and controlled how much pressure was used via a Gas Permeameter. Our first step in this experiment was to measure the overall temperature and pressure of the room in Fahrenheit and mm Hg respectively. After that, we placed our core into the core holder and used the Gas Permeameter to set the specific pressures that we wanted. The pressures that were used on the core were 30, 40, 50, and 60 psig. From there, the Nitrogen flowed through our core holder and into the bubble flow meter by which we measured the...
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Petr 3402 Lab #5 - TA-4PETR 3402Reservoir Rock...

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