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Equal Inclusion Case Law

Equal Inclusion Case Law - 4 PUBLIC LAW 94-142 Which is the...

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Checkpoint: Equal Inclusion Case Law 1. PARC V. THE COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVIA The requirements that this law places on educators in their classrooms are that they have to give a public supported education to students with mental retardation. That educators are not allowed to give children with this disability anything less than the education that they are giving to their other students. Basically they cannot discriminate against any student that is mentally retarded. 2. MILLS V. BOARD OF EDUCATION This law requires that educators provide students with behavior problems, hyperactivity, epilepsy, mental retardation, and physical problems the same education and treatment that they would give to the students that do not possess any of these disabilities. 3. SECTION 504 OF PUBLIC LAW 93-112 This public law requires educators to include individuals with disabilities into any and all programs. They cannot deny anyone from participating due to their disability.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. PUBLIC LAW 94-142 Which is the Education for All Handicapped Children Act requires that educators provide a free and appropriate education for all children with disabilities. Educators have to give them this education in the least restrictive environment. And come up with an individual educational program for those with a disability or disabilities. 5. INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION ACT (IDEA) This law requires that educators come up with a transition plan to be included with the student’s IEP by age 16. 6. HENDRICK HUDSON SCHOOL DISTRICT V. ROWLEY This case saw to it that educators provide an appropriate education for students with disabilities. 7. SACRAMENTO CITY SCHOOL DISTRIC V. RACHEL HOLLAND This case requires that educators all general education placement to a student with mental retardation and that they should all the student the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to perform in a general education class....
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