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TIMELINE AND TEXT REFERENCES FOR TEAM PROJECTS FOR SPRING 2010 Feb 1-Feb 22 Teams should brainstorm ideas for the general training objective. I suggest everyone submit several ideas and the team decide how to pick one area to focus their projects on. I AM AVAILABLE TO BOUNCE THINGS OFF - IF THAT IS HELPFUL. Feb 22 Each group should submit one idea to me for my approval and comments (and suggestions). Feb 22 – March 8 Develop specific training objectives for your program. This builds off module 6 (Designing effective HRD programs) and is covered in your book in chapter 5 - beginning on page 142. The ASTD site also has links which might help. These should then be submitted to me for comments and approval in the same way the general topics were submitted. NOTE: FROM THIS POINT ON THE DATES ARE WHEN I WANT TO SEE THE WORK - YOU CAN CERTAINLY DO IT SOONER IF THAT FITS YOUR LIFE BETTER. I WILL REVIEW AS I GET IT. March 29 Recommend and design a TNA (Training needs analysis) for your
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Unformatted text preview: program and submit this to me for a check and comments. This builds off module 5 and chapter 4 in your text. I have put up some links for this area in D2L and ASTD.org is always helpful. April 5 Recommend a design, budget and training method for your program. This builds off a number of modules and chapters. I suspect by this time groups may be working in some sub-units to make the whole thing flow better. Submit this to me and I will review it and offer comments and suggestions as appropriate. April 12 Design the web module for your Distance Learning program. Submit an outline to me and I will comment and offer suggestions. This will build -off module 9 and will also need some serious web digging - the topic changes almost daily. April 19 Design an evaluation of your knowledge program. This is chapter 7 and module 8. Submit to me for my review and comments. May 10 Put it all together and submit the final (and graded) group projects to me by May 10....
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