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GEOL 101—501-509 Quiz #7 Marcantonio Spring 2007 Name _________________________________ 1) A stream is said to be perennial and effluent when __________. A) the channel is above the local water table year round B) the local water table is above the channel bottom year round C) the channel bottom and the water table are constantly at the exact same level D) precipitation is such that the water table remains constant throughout the year 2) The water table is __________. A) a boundary between unsaturated bedrock and an underground river B) a boundary between unsaturated bedrock below and saturated bedrock above C) an underground mass of partly saturated rock D) a boundary between saturated rock below and unsaturated rock above 3) __________ controls the ease (or difficulty) of groundwater transmission through a porous material. A) Potability B) Portability C) Permeosity D) Permeability 4) A perched water table develops when __________. A) a horizontal aquitard above the regional water table lies
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