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TRAINING GROUP PROJECTS EXPECTATIONS The paper should contain the following: (Note: these are the items I will look for as I grade the final project, and are also the ‘steps’ you will follow in developing your program). A scenario – a brief description of the: who, what and how many people you will be training – this should the ‘general goal’ of your program. How you did your TNA (Needs analysis). 1. How did you develop your where we want them to be (research, benchmark, other) 2. The individual analysis – how you found out where they are (for survey, interview, observation include a sample of survey questions, checklist, etc). State any ‘assumptions’ you make (those gaps you would have identified from your TNA) – for example – we assume that our group can use
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Unformatted text preview: MSWord, but not EXCEL. Give an overview of your training program in outline form (use the lesson plan and appendices format). Include in this how you would handle multiple training sessions for large groups (if this is part of your plan). Also include in this part who will be instructors and why, and how the sessions will fit together (all in 1 day, 2 hours per week for 6 weeks, etc). Give a summary of any activities, videos, discussions etc. you will use. Specifically tell me how the trainees practice and get feedback on their performance. Evaluate the program both short term and long term. Use more than 1 level, but be efficient. Develop a brief budget for your program include both direct and indirect costs (make needed assumptions)....
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