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Requirements for DL project - clearly identifying the name...

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Requirements for the Distance Learning Project Some history: I used to have the groups actually ‘load’ their modules into blackboard – but this is really no longer an option. D2L is simply too complex to require student to learn how to input modules and design links and assessments in it. Submit the material below to me in the drop box by the date shown on the syllabus, timeline and D2L. Here is what we will do instead: Develop your modules in a series of word files . These files can be: Word, excel, power point, etc): 1. An outline listing the steps in your module in sequence and
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Unformatted text preview: clearly identifying the name of the file which contains each step. 2. A file containing the learning objectives for this module. 3. From there add files that contain: Learning content – an article, link to a web site, etc. The chance to practice what you learned (a test, etc) Feedback on what you practiced (answers to a quiz or) Links to web sites. 4. Step 3 above might be repeated 2 or 3 times to complete each module (and meet the learning objectives from 2 above)....
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