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Unformatted text preview: CONSTRAINTS FACED IN CONSTRAINTS FACED IN DESIGNING A TRAINING PROGRAM This is where we must begin the design process Constraints faced in program design Constraints faced in program design ► To me these are the factors which keep my life as a trainer from being perfect. It includes (but is not really limited to the following): Budget Budget ► Hire the best instructor there is ­ spend whatever you need (up to $500). Oops ­ maybe that guy in accounting can do this program for us ­ even though he has never trained anybody in anything. ► I like to do my training in Hawaii – but the budget seldom permits that. Time Time ► This training must be completed in the next 30 days – but design a great program. ► Or ► You have 8 months to put this program together. Timing Timing ► You can have 2 hours during the annual sales meeting to 'teach' them all there is to know about the new product line. ► Versus ► How much time will you need to teach them about the new product line. Numbers Numbers ► Train all incoming freshmen in how to send e­mail ­ all 7,000 of them. ► Or ► There are 12 people who need this knowledge – train them. Technical limits Technical limits ► We don't have a room with 20 computers all linked to the internet ­ so how do we train 20 people in internet marketing at the same time. ► Or ► We have a room with 20 internet ready computers for your class. Geography Geography ► Train 50 people ­ 1 in each state ­ in a program which is best done by spending 2 hours per week with each trainee over a 10 week period. ► Versus ► All 50 work in the same building. Who does the training Who does the training ► Internal expertise ­ nobody in our organization knows anything about people soft ­ how can we teach it? ► Or ► We have ‘experts’ in house, but they do not know how to train. Others Others ► There are many others issues such as: Shift work Vacations Variation in trainee knowledge Turnover –how do we update new hires Production – we can’t just stop doing business during most training Physical facilities And on and on And on and on ► But – this is: ► The end ...
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