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Running head: COMPARE AND CONTRAST 1 Compare and Contrast Erica Sturdavant COM 156 October 17, 2010 Christine Belledin
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COMPARE AND CONTRAST 2 Compare and Contrast I do not believe that there are any words that need to be defined in my essay. In my essay I have already tried to define any words that may be misunderstood or confusing such as acronyms. One acronym is ARM, which stands for adjustable rate mortgage. My essay is not a definition essay but rather more of a compare and contrast type of essay. Considering that I just learned what a compare and contrast essay does this week, I am impressed with myself to be able to actually say that my final essay could fall under that category. I am also impressed at myself for writing my paper in such as way that it is also in a chronological type order. I start off by discussing the upfront costs, then move on to annual costs, and then end with the move out process.
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EricaSturdavant_Compare&Contrast - Running head:...

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