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After going onto each of the websites,,, and I found one story that appeared to be the biggest event occurring now. That is the story of the miners who were trapped during a mine collapse 66 days ago in Chile. I noticed that each website had videos about the event on their main page of the website. For example, had two small videos. had a video that almost filled the whole screen. had a small video. I also noticed that each site had links to other things regarding the story such as the pictures on along with two video links, and the 13 other videos that were able to be viewed after clicking the video on the main page on had multiple video links and commentary links that could be accessed from the main page of the website. Of the three websites, I believe that had the best coverage. The website contained two videos on the main page about the Chile mine collapse in addition to all of the other links that were available to be viewed. The commentary on everything surrounding this
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