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Brandon Simpson LGLA 2335.NT Watkins Assignment 10 Topical Deposition Summary on Bradshaw Case Topic Page Summary Education 2 He received an associate’s degree from Georgetown County Community College. Certification 2 He became a certified radiologic technologist in 2007. Employment Experience 3 DeVane was employed by Georgetown Medical Center 6/25/06 as a radiologic technologist. GMC procedure manual 5-6 DeVane acknowledges manual and that he’s read it and signed a paper stating such. Patient signs acknowledgement 9 DeVane explains patient had no clue what the dangers were. Dr Cross repeatedly violating 10 DeVane testifies Dr. Cross repeatedly violates the procedure manual. Patient’s Chart 11 DeVane identifies contents of Bradshaw’s chart. “Petty Detail” 12 Dr. Cross liked to use “petty details” all the
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Unformatted text preview: time. Not concerned with procedure. Patients Condition 13 Bradshaw suffered cardiac arrest. Antidote 14-15 The lack of an antidote prompted Cross to send DeVane to pharmacy after Devanes persistence to not proceed until it was obtained. Incident report 17 DeVane points to manual and states an incident report was to be filled out. Mickelson begins cross examination 18 Restatement of position and cross on incident report. DeVane leaves Radiology 19 Due to excess pressure Devane resigned from Radiology. Mickelson Badgers witness then concludes cross examination 20 DeVane states a radiologic tech, is presumed by the medical profession to less apt than a radiologist....
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