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Due before exit meeting. Essay Questions Please answer all of the following questions (10 points each.) I expect a 125 – 250 word response for each of the five categories. In evaluating your responses, I am looking for indications that you have read the assignments and can apply the ideas to real situations. You may refer to your notes, textbook and any other written source, but your sources should be cited. You may discuss the questions with your teammates; however, your responses should be your own work . Typed answers are required. 1. Team Development: List the stages of team development and briefly describe their characteristics. What stages has your team been through? Discuss with specific examples. 2. Project Management: What are Gantt charts? How and when are they used? How did your team go about determining the tasks, duration and order of the tasks for your Gantt chart? How accurate was your Gantt chart during the actual build? 3. TIDEE Design Process: Discuss the Xetna tower/elevator project in terms of the
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Unformatted text preview: TIDEE design process. Give specific examples of activities that illustrate each step. Do you believe that all steps were given adequate attention? How did this attention (or lack thereof) affect the outcome of your project? 4. Personality types: What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this type? Does your assessment seem to be a realistic description of you? What were the personality types of your teammates? How did the personality types in your team affect your teamwork, communication, process and product? 5. Team Roles: What role or roles (such as manger, reporter, etc) were assigned to each team member during the Xetna tower design? What were the major responsibilities for each of these roles? What was the most challenging aspect or the role or roles that you played? What advise would you give someone who was taking this role in the next design project?...
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