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1 Chapter 03 Molecules, Compounds, and Chemical Equations Elements and Compounds Elements – cannot be broken down further Elements Some elements exist as diatomic molecules. H 2 O 2 N 2 F 2 Cl 2 Br 2 and I 2 Other elements occur as polyatomic molecules P 4 S 8 Se 8
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2 Elements Compounds Compounds are held together by chemical bonds. There are two types of chemical bonds – Ionic Bonds-attraction between oppositely charged ions. Molecules are not formed. (crystal lattice) – Covalent Bonds-sharing of electrons between the two valence shells. Molecules are formed In both cases the driving force is the noble gas configuration – we will talk about this later Ionic vs. Molecular Compounds Propane – contains individual C 3 H 8 molecules Table salt – contains an array of Na + ions and Cl - ions
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