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Gov First Exam Key Points - • More recent issues o Human...

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Freedom of Speech: bill of rights interpretation evolved -alien and sedition acts -civil war challenges(couldn’t say any of the benefits of slavery in antislavery states visa versa) -espionage act -schenck v. us Other Free Speech Topics -libel (NY Times co v. Sullivan) and slander -obscenity -symbolic speech **speech rights demonstrate civil liberties and personal liberty (also free exercise clause shows liberties) **Theme: long road to the protection of civil rights Civil War legacy 13 th -15 th  amendments
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Unformatted text preview: • More recent issues o Human rights, segregation o Voting rights o Affirmative action John Locke-consent of the people (social contract) *argument-state of nature (life, liberty, and property=divine/natural rights) Problem=everything would be chaotic, lead to anarchy Solution= protection of natural rights aka civil rights-govt exists with consent of people (social contract theory)-citizens consent to be governed so the government can regulate us with the peoples best interest in mind...
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