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IT Interview - I n te rview Questions Name Ryan Daniell...

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Interview Questions Name: Ryan Daniell Title: NextGen Consultant Company: Self Employed – Summit Data Solutions 1. Typical day at work. The day begins with meeting staff members to find out if there are any issues/problems that need immediate attention. If any issues appear they are logged and added to the “To Do” lists. If there is need for additional training that is also scheduled or attended to. I do monitoring of various aspects for the Electronic Health System throughout the day. If a service or problem arises, depending on the criticality I will work to resolve the issue. A lot of time is devoted to training users, working on bugs in the system and customizing the EHR (Electronic Health Records) to fit the medical practices daily operations. 2. Hours / on call information While onsite with a project I will be available from 8AM – 5PM (local time) and make myself available on a “on call” basis for the management staff, for issues that arise after normal business hours. While working off-site from my home office I am available between 9AM and 5PM (local time) during the week. Also when working remotely from home I offer additional training sessions and support.
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3. Best parts of the job The freedom to pick and choose projects that I would like to be a part of, the ability to make my own hours (within reason), and to take time off without having to have someone else approve it are all great parts to being self contracted. The money isn’t bad either. 4. Downsides to the job Travel – For my current project I use a two week travel schedule. Currently I will fly out on Monday mornings, stay the week onsite for work, and then fly home on Saturday mornings. The following week I work from home, but then the travel schedule starts up again. 5. What made you decide to pick this career path? Are you glad that you did? Yes I am glad I did it. It’s been wonderful being my own boss and to get to
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IT Interview - I n te rview Questions Name Ryan Daniell...

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