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The English physician ____ wrote "due to the extent of the pathology of mind, self-report is hardly to be trusted." Maudsley When Titchener returned to Oxford with his doctorate from Wundt, his colleagues were skeptical of the use of scientific approaches in philosophy.
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If, as Freud claimed, part of our mental functioning is unconscious, then introspection is Who said psychology was NOT in the business of curing sick minds? Wundt Külpe Titchener James Comte Who was the first female psychologist elected to the National Academy of Sciences? Washburn Titchener's introspection method was most like ____ method Wundt's Brentano's Stumpf's Külpe's Fechner's With Titchener's structuralism as an idea to oppose, psychology
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The two most important contributions of Titchener's system to modern psychology are his version of introspection and the experimental method. his experimental method and a strong position to protest. the delineation of a single dimension of affect and the identification of three (not two)
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