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Unformatted text preview: Psychology is unique among the sciences in its requirement that its students hav ea liber al arts bac kgro und in the hum aniti es. stud y the hist ory of psyc holo gy. hav ea min or in the natu ral scie nces . use care full y The various schools of thought in psychology have served well as systems to be opposed. In each case, ____ was the consequence. a new para dig m a new scho ol of thou ght abso rpti on into the mai nstr eam a new and uniq ue met hod olog y a new defi nitio n of The feature of modern psychology that distinguishes it from its antecedents is its use of ded ucti ve logi c. met hod olog y. focu s on abn orm al beh avio r. focu s on moti vati on. focu s on lear ning . Kuhn (1970) defines a paradigm as an inst ance of agre eme nt on theo ry and met hod olog y by the scie nce' s prac titio ners . a mod el that desc ribe sa scie ntifi c phe nom eno n. a mod As a scientific discipline psychology is the only one to hav e start ed in the Unit ed Stat es. one of the new est and one of the olde st. one of the new est. Non e of the choi ces are The "zeitgeist" means the mo men t of cha nge in scie ntifi c revo lutio ns. the mo men t of disc over y. a bliz zard of acti vity. the spir it of the tim es. a The school of thought that focuses on learning and perception and emphasizes the combination of elements to produce new patterns is the ____ school. Wr zbur g stru ctur alist Gest alt beh avio rist cog nitiv e This eminent historian called the process of replacing one paradigm with another a scientific revolution. John Kuhn Freud's idea "Einfall" was translated to English into the term ____ which means something other than what Freud implied in the original German. fixat ion free asso ciati on ratio nali zati on drea m anal ysis peni s env y ...
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