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Lashundra T Jones Unit 2 Case Problem Paychecks Kept Coming Ken is not at fault that the company failed to properly follow procedures and ensure that the paper work was submitted to the corporate payroll office. However, morally and ethically Ken is just as much at fault as the company because Ken knew he had been terminated and that he had not worked for those checks. Ken should have verified that these checks were suppose to come to him before he cashed them. So the company could file suit and request monies be back to them and they could also garnish his wages in an attempt to regain the lost money. But the
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Unformatted text preview: company needs to make sure that the proper paper work was submitted when Ken was terminated as well as any forms that will show that Ken should have only received a certain amount. But as it stands all the company can do is try to settle this out of court first because as stated in the reading it was the company’s fault for not following through and making sure that the paper work was relayed to the proper department. This shows negligence on the company’s part....
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