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LashundraJones_MT302_Unit_4_Assignment - Lashundra Jones...

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Lashundra Jones MT302 Organizational Behavior Unit Four: Case Incident 1 Frustrated at Age 30 March 20, 2010
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1. After reading the case incident I realize that Bob using the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has gone through several of those needs. Bob has been accepted socially by his peers early in life and was able to experience a sense of belonging and affection from many. But as his life progressed and he just like others took jobs for granted. Whereas when he first came out of college jobs were abundant and factors like signing bonuses, and his ambition was very high at the time. Bob soon became self- actualization with the need to make more money, drive the best car as well as other things. What he did not know is how long this would last? Bob soon began to realize that unlike his father he had no job security and now physiological things have become more important such as the need to have food and shelter.
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LashundraJones_MT302_Unit_4_Assignment - Lashundra Jones...

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