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Andrew Rosen Modern Atomic Theory Planck: Energy in quanta (bundle/packet) gives wave properties to particles De Broglie: Planck’s correct, particles have properties of waves E = mc 2 E= hv λ = hmv Predicts a wavelength of a particle if you know the mass and velocity Newtonian Mechanics: Describes ordinary particles at ordinary velocity Quantum Mechanics: Particles that travel near or at the speed of light Wave Particle Duality of Nature: Light and electron have properties of both waves and particles Heisenberg: It’s impossible to know the exact position and momentum of an electron at the same time Schrödinger: Treated electrons as waves
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Unformatted text preview: Wave Mechanical View: Rapid continuous motion of electrons looks like an electron cloud Quantum Theory n = 1 st quantum number. Principle quantum level. Size of the electron cloud. n = 1 to ∞ L = 2 nd quantum number. The shape of the electron cloud. L = 0 to (n-1). (L = 0 is s, L = 1 is p, L = 2 is d, L=3 is d). s is a sphere and p is a dumbbell M = 3 rd quantum number. Direction in space. –L to +L. Holds a maximum of 2 electrons S = 4 th quantum number. Spin of electron. S = +1/2 spin clockwise and -1/2 spin counterclockwise 2s 2 = 2 nd level, s-sublevel and 2 electrons...
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