homework2 - Homework H2: Sorting, Searching, Dictionary,...

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Homework H2: Sorting, Searching, Dictionary, Stack, and Queue Due Date Friday, November 5, 2004 at 11:59 pm (CSL Time) Last Mod Date Links Objectives | Description | Questions | Handin | SOLUTION Announcements 11/06/04 11:30am Fixed expandArray method and corrected references to Dequeue, which should have been Deque. Please reload and review the fixes. 11/06/04 5am Released Solution 10/29/04 Released - The Dictionary ADT and Hash Table implementation will be covered on 11/2 and 11/4 Objectives This homework intends to provide insight into the subjects of sorting, searching, dictionary, hash tables, stacks, and queues. Some questions are good practice problems for Midterm 2. Description Create a text-only file named homework2.txt and answer all questions. Word documents will not receive credit. Questions It is academic misconduct to work with another student on this homework assignment. All students are expected to solve the problems individually without consulting any one other than their instructor or TA in the course. Be sure to include the descriptive information listed below as well as the answers to each questions. Homework #2 Name: Login: Section #:
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Notes: To show n x ( n raised to the power x ) in your text-only file, use this form: n^x . To show Big-Oh , use O(g(n)) , where g(n) is replaced by the function that is the "tightest" match for the algorithm being analyzed. 1. (3 pts) Which basic List ADT operation is not present in the Sorted List ADT?
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homework2 - Homework H2: Sorting, Searching, Dictionary,...

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