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CS 577: Introduction to Algorithms Homework 3a Out: 10/10/06 Due: 10/17/06 Ground Rules Grading. You will be graded on the correctness as well as clarity of your solutions. You are required to prove any claims that you make. In particular, when you are asked to design an algorithm, you must argue its correctness and running time. Collaboration. You are allowed to discuss questions with other people in the class. However, you must solve and write your answers yourself without any help . You must also give explicit citations to any sources besides the textbook and class notes, including discussions with classmates. Solutions taken from external sources such as the WWW, even if cited, will receive no credit unless there is significant “value added”. In cases of doubt, you may be asked to explain your answer to the instructor and this will determine your grade. Lateness. Please see the class webpage for details on the lateness policy. This homework is due in
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