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Primate Conservation - 1 Grad students a Amelia i...

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1) Grad students a) Amelia i) Non-invasive testing techniques b) Christine i) New medicine for Parkinson’s ii) Has to deal with aging iii) Uses stem cells in her research c) The guy i) Neuroscience stuff 2) Primate Conservation (start of lecture) a) John Muir – UW alumnus 1864 i) Promoted US National Park System ii) Founder of national park system b) Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) i) Land Stewardship ii) “Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left” c) George Shaller- UW Zoology PhD i) Ethologist (1933- ) (1) 1963 the mountain gorilla (a) Nature reserves in Alaska d) Muriqui (woolly spider) i) Karen Strier ii) 1 of 11 sites where muriqui can be found e) Birute Galdikas i) Orangutan rehabilitation f) Jane Goodall
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i) Goodall institute – roots and shoots g) ***Which species has been the most successful in being able to return to habitat?*** i) Orangutan!!! 3) Endangered/Threatened a) At least 70 species b) “think globally, act locally” c) ****0-1000**** (HINT HINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i) Aye-aye (1) Madagascar habitat (2)
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