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Photos: Nick Waring. If you can’t trust a pharmacist, who can you trust? Example: Nature Made Calcium Citrate and Advanced Cal- cium with Vitamin D and Magnesium are “Recommended by Pharma- cists.” Yet accord- ing to the most recent industry survey, less than 2% of pharma- cists who recom- mend calcium supplements rec- ommend Nature Made. In contrast, 37% recommend Os-Cal and 25% recommend Citracal. (Nature Made is rst on the list, however, when it comes to vitamins A, C, D, and E.) Example: GNC’s PharmAssure herbal supplements are “phar- macist recommended.” By pharmacists at Rite-Aid, GNC’s business partner since 1999, that is. That must have been a tough endorsement to get. Want to make your pills sound powerful? Piece of cake. Example: Nutrition 21’s Chromax 1000 Chromium Picolinate is “doctor strength.” The 1,000 micro- grams of chromium in Chromax 1000 may be more than 25 times what’s considered an adequate daily intake, but there’s little rea- son for doctors to prescribe chro- mium supplements—at any dose. Most studies show that it doesn’t control weight or blood sugar in people with or without type 2 diabetes. Example: Efacor sh oil and Certiphene rapid weight-loss formula are “now available with- out prescription.” Now? Neither supplement ever needed one. N U T R I T I O N A C T I O N H E A LT H L E T T E R S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 7 9 Add instant credibility. Hire an MD to recommend your pills. Or at least come up with a photo of a trustworthy-looking per- son in a white lab coat, stethoscope over his or her shoulder. Example: Advanced Formula Shen Min Hair Loss Solution is “Doctor Approved, Doctor Recommended.” Boomer Care Anti-Aging Formula is a “doctor’s formulated blend.” The companies may know who those doctors are, but their Web sites sure don’t let on. Neither fi rm responded to our e-mails asking for the doctors’ names. Example: The president and “formulator” of Doctor’s Best supplements isn’t a doctor. And an advisory board of six people—none a medical doctor—decides which supple- ments are sold by Doctor’s Trust Vitamins (“every product we offer you is one that doctors trust”). Example: For $2,488 this summer, you could have bought the Web address . And who wouldn’t trust a supplement sold by an outfi t with that name? (You don’t need to be an MD, the salesperson assured us.) Recommended by Pharmacists The World’s Most Powerful DOCTOR-RECOMMENDED PatentedNow Available Without a Prescription AS-SEEN-ON-TV SUPPLEMENT Without a Prescription Doctor Recommended S P E C I A L F E AT U R E ant to start your own supplement company? Inventory is the easy part. Whether it’s sex pills, weight-loss pills, or energy pills, the Internet is crawling with companies that will sell you just about any formulation in bulk at wholesale prices.
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Supplements_CSPI_scams - S P E C I A L F E AT U R E The...

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