MAT 581 HW 4 P 3.3.6

MAT 581 HW 4 P 3.3.6 - z=input'Enter value of z-5<=z<=5 i= Locate(x,z y=2*z*c d(3(z^2-4*z*x(i-2*z*x(i 1 disp'y=;disp(y)

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MAT 581 H/W 4 P 3.3.6 x=linspace(-5,5,20); a=input('Enter value of a: '); b=input('Enter value of b: '); c=input('Enter value of c: '); d=input('Enter value of d: ');
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Unformatted text preview: z=input('Enter value of z(-5<=z<=5): '); i= Locate (x,z); y=2*z*c+d*(3*(z^2)-4*z*x(i)-2*z*x(i+1)); disp ('y= ');disp(y)...
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