MAT 581 HW 4

MAT 581 HW 4 - del =(x(2:L 1-x(1:L r1=(drho1,2.^2...

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MAT 581 H/W 4 x=linspace(-5,5,20); y=sin(x); S = spline(x,y); [x,rho,L,k] = unmkpp(S); drho = [3*rho(:,1) 2*rho(:,2) rho(:,3)]; dS = mkpp(x,drho); drho1=[2*drho(:,1) drho(:,2)]; dS1 = mkpp(x,drho1);
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Unformatted text preview: del = (x(2:L+1)-x(1:L)); r1=(drho1(:,2).^2); r2=2*drho1(:,2).*drho1(:,1); r3=(drho1(:,1).^2); e=sum((del.*r3' + transpose(r2)).*del+transpose(r1)).*del...
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