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Quiz 1 Q. A paradigm is (a) A dominant view in science Q. Rocks, wind, water, temperature and solar radiation are all examples of (a) Abiotic environmental factors Q. You have read about the mistakes made on Easter Island. On Tikopia, another small island, the people acted in other ways. When they realized that the pigs they had imported were damaging the environment, they killed them all. They had to have permission from a chief to fish, which prevented overfishing. They practiced contraception. These all indicate that (a) They truly practiced sustainability Q. The cumulative total and kind of living things on Earth is ( a) Its biodiversity Q. Ecology is ( a) The study of organisms and their interactions with each other and with the environment. Q. Pesticide use (a) May be a necessary part of modern technological agriculture with monocultures. Q. The oceans face pressure from
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Overfishing Q. The process by which several researchers review another researcher's manuscript prior to publication to ensure research quality is referred to as (a) Peer review Q. Environmentalism is a scientific approach to understanding environmental problems (a) False Q. Globalization will have an impact on the development of environmental law as the global community is interconnected by trade, politics, and the movement of people and species ( a) True Q Over half of Earth's surface is used for some kind of agriculture. B) False Q) Scientists believe that fossil fuel use is contributing to warming of the lower atmosphere. A) True Q) Which of the following are the proper components of the scientific method? A) observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, results, conclusion...
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