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APPENDIX 4: SPELLING AND SPEAKING a consonants and vowels in speaking: When you put one part of the mouth on or near another part of the mouth, you are making a consonant sound. When you do not do this, you are making a vowel sound. b consonants and vowels in spelling: the letters a e i o always show a vowel sound (or part of it). the letter u usually shows a vowel sound (or part of it) – under, sound – but, at the beginning of a word, it can sometimes show a consonant sound –
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Unformatted text preview: use, university. the letters w and y show a consonant sound at the beginning of a word – with, young – but a vowel sound at the end – grow, happy . the other letters in the alphabets are always consonants. c In every word with more than one part, one part of the word usually sounds stronger than the other part. This strong part is called stress: bef or e man age e n ter de vel op pre fer...
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