appendix5 - say says day days c IF WORD ENDS WITH fe, fe ve...

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APPENDIX 5: SPELLING: -s FORM OF VERBS AND NOUNS USUALLY word + s take s girl s BUT a WORD + es IF THE WORD ENDS WITH sh crash es wash es ss guess es pass es ch teach es watch es x box es fix es zz buzz es and sometimes with o do es go es potato es tomato es b IF WORD ENDS WITH CONSONANT + y (Appendix 4), y Î i + es car ry carr ies c ry cr ies fami ly famil ies f ly fl ies wor ry worr ies but note that VOWEL + y is regular:
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Unformatted text preview: say says day days c IF WORD ENDS WITH fe, fe ve + s kni fe kni ves li fe li ves wi fe wi ves d IF WORD ENDS WITH f sometimes f v + es hal f hal ves sel f sel ves thie f thie ves lea f lea ves shel f shel ves wol f wol ves and sometimes it is regular: belief beliefs chief chiefs...
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