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appendix6 - st op – sto pping g et – ge tting r un –...

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APPENDIX 6: SPELLING: -ing FORMS USUALLY word + -ing work work ing sleep sleep ing BUT a IF WORD ENDS WITH CONSONANT + e (Appendix 4) do not write the e . co me co ming ha ve ha ving ma ke ma king deci de deci ding ho pe ho ping o we o wing free ze free zing lo se lo sing shi ne shi ning gi ve gi ving mana ge mana ging wri te - wri ting b IF WORD ENDS WITH ie, ie y + ing d ie d ying l ie - l ying but note that ee and ue are regular : agreeing queueing c IF WORD ENDS WITH ONE VOWEL + ONE CONSONANT (Appendix 4) double the consonant . c ut cu tting
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Unformatted text preview: st op – sto pping g et – ge tting r un – ru nning trav el – trave lling pref er – prefe rring sh ip – shi pping w in – wi nning but do not double if the last part of the word does not have any stress (Appendix 4): enter – entering offer – offering ( travel is a special case); and do not double if word ends with two vowels + one consonant: keep – keeping meet – meeting one vowel + two consonants: walk – walking help – helping one vowel + x: box – boxing fix – fixing...
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