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APPENDIX 7: SPELLING: -ed / -er / -est FORMS USUALLY word + ed work – work ed word + er work – work er cold – cold er word + est cold – cold est BUT a If word already ends with e¸ do not write it again . manag e – manage d – manage r lat e – late r – late st decid e – decide d – decide r fin e – fine r - fine st b If word ends with consonant + y (Appendix 4), y Î i car ry – carr ied – carr ier hap py – happ ier – happ iest wor ry – worr ied – worr ier dir ty – dirt ier – dirt iest but note that vowel + y is regular: play – played – player c If word ends with one vowel + one consonant (Appendix 4), double the consonant
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Unformatted text preview: . b ig bi gger bi ggest f it fi tted fi tter th in thi nner thi nnest st op sto pped sto pper h ot ho tter ho ttest perm it - permi tted but do not double if the last part of the word does not have any stress (Appendix 4): develop = developed - developer and do not double if word ends with two vowels + one consonant: green greener - greenest one vowel + two consonants: talk talked talker one vowel + x : mix mixed mixer...
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