appendix9 - and two c For the number we say zero in...

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APPENDIX 9: WRITING AND SPEAKING NUMBERS a 1 one boy 11 eleven 1st the first boy 2 two boys 12 twelve 2nd the second boy 3 three 13 thirteen 3rd third 4 four 14 fourteen 4th fourth 5 five 15 fifteen 5th fifth 6 six 16 sixteen 6th sixth 7 seven 17 seventeen 7th seventh 8 eight 18 eighteen 8th eighth 9 nine 19 nineteen 9th ninth 10 ten 20 twenty 10th tenth 12th twelfth 30 thirty 61 sixty-one 20th twentieth 40 forty 72 seventy-two 22nd twenty-second 50 fifty 99 ninety-nine 31st thirty-first b In larger numbers, we put commas (not periods) after thousands and millions. We also say and after hundreds (nowhere else). 100 a hundred / one hundred 201 two hundred and one 666 six hundred and sixty-six 1,000 a thousand / one thousand 222,000 two hundred and twenty-two thousand 1,000,000 a million / one million 426,000,000 four hundred and twenty-six million 2,254,002 two million, two hundred and fifty-four thousand
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Unformatted text preview: and two c For the number , we say zero in counting and arithmetic ‘o’ in phone numbers etc. zero for the temperature nil for the score in most sports d FRACTIONS DECIMALS 1/2 a half 0.5 zero point five 1/3 a third 0.33 zero point three three 1/4 a quarter 0.25 zero point two five 1/5 a fifth 0.2 zero point two 2 1/2 two and a half 2.5 two point five 2 3/4 two and three quarters 2.75 two point seven five e Whole numbers have no plural . We say two hundred (NOT hundreds ). But when we are talking generally, we can say: hundred s of people f Numbers go before adjectives : Three large cars were coming along. but after a, an, the, this, that, these, those, - the first car some, any, all, every, either, neither - all three cars We can also use numbers before of: two of the cars / two of them...
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appendix9 - and two c For the number we say zero in...

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