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Unit 20: PRESENT SIMPLE — USE This formation means ‘not past’. It includes ‘here and now’, but it does not usually tell exactly when. 1 Everyday life and habits EXAMPLES: Where does he live ? S h e wears expensive clothes. S h e does n’t work in an office. W e do not work on Fridays. Do you play tennis? 2 Facts about the world EXAMPLES: Money does n’t grow on trees. It never rains in the summer. Britain lies off the north-west coast of Europe. Does Brazil export cocoa? 3 Feelings and thoughts
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Unformatted text preview: EXAMPLES: How many languages do you know ? I believe in God. S h e does n’t like coffee. 4 Characteristics EXAMPLES: These flowers smell nice. My car does n’t go very fast. 5 Instructions EXAMPLES: You cook it for five minutes, and then you put the onions in. 6 Future arrangements EXAMPLES: The World Cup begins tomorrow. The course ends in two weeks. NOTICE: Present simple or present continuous or present perfect? (Unit 39)...
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