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unit21 - 2 Use a PAST STATES AND HABITS EXAMPLES He lived...

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Unit 21: PAST SIMPLE This formation means ‘not here and not now’. Something happened at a definite past time. Now it is finished. 1 Formation a AFFIRMATIVE (past form) EXAMPLES: I wash ed before breakfast. They arriv ed twenty minutes ago. NOTICE: Many important verbs do not have an –ed past form. For example: Brazil won the match. [past of win ] W e saw her yesterday. [past of see ] They are irregular. Look at Appendices 10 and 11. b QUESTIONS AND NEGATIVES (did + base form) EXAMPLES: When did they arrive ? T h e y did not arrive until four o’clock. H e did n’t wash the car yesterday. NOTICE: Do not use did for a subject question. (Unit 10)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Use a PAST STATES AND HABITS EXAMPLES: He lived in Rome for eight years. [but not now] Shakespeare worked in London all his life. [he is dead now] b PAST EVENTS AT A DEFINITE TIME OR PLACE EXAMPLES: Did you have a good time on holiday? Shakespeare died in his home town of Stratford. c IMAGINING (Unit 86.2) EXAMPLES: I wish I had a lot of money. If I did , I’d travel all over the world. d POLITE REQUESTS AND SUGGESTIONS EXAMPLES: I thought we could go to the cinema together. NOTICE: Past simple or past continuous or present perfect? (Unit 40)...
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