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Unit 22: PRESENT CONTINUOUS This formation usually means ‘now for a limited period of time’. We use the present tense of the auxiliary verb be (Unit 17) before the –ing form of the lexical verb (Unit 3). 1 Formation (be + -ing form) a STATEMENTS EXAMPLES: I am writ ing this letter to thank you. Bus fares are go ing up today. H e is not tak ing the exam this year. T h e y are n’t hav ing a lesson at the moment. b QUESTIONS EXAMPLES: Am I disturb ing you? How much are they go ing up by? Who is tak ing the exam this year? Why are n’t they hav ing a lesson? NOTICE: For spelling problems with the –ing form of the verb, look at Appendix 6.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Use a PRESENT ACTIVITY EXAMPLES: Be quiet! The Prime Minister is speaking . They are having dinner at the moment. W h a t are you doing there? b TEMPORARY STATE EXAMPLES: She is staying at the Metropolitan Hotel. He is n’t feeling very well today. c CHANGING STATE EXAMPLES: Quick! The bus is stopping . Pollution in the city is getting worse. d FUTURE PLANS EXAMPLES: We are leaving at ten o’clock tomorrow. NOTICE: Present continuous or present simple or present perfect? (Unit 39) Present continuous or going to or will ? (Unit 41)...
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