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Unit 23: PAST CONTINUOUS This formation usually means ‘past for a limited period of time’. We use the past tense of the auxiliary verb be (Unit 17) before the –ing form of the lexical verb (Unit 3). 1 Formation (be + -ing form) a STATEMENTS EXAMPLES: I was work ing all yesterday morning. He was n’t do ing anything. The climate was chang ing at this time. T h e y were not enjoy ing themselves. b QUESTIONS EXAMPLES: What were you do ing at 9:45 last night? Where was he go ing ? Who was help ing him? NOTICE: For spelling problems with the –ing form of the verb, look at Appendix 6.
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Use a PAST ACTIVITY OR TEMPORARY HABIT EXAMPLES: Between 10 and 11 last night, I was reading . They were getting up early that month. b BACKGROUND ACTIVITY IN THE PAST EXAMPLES: She was having a bath when the phone rang. By the time they reached the stadium, the players were already coming onto the field. c ARRANGEMENTS IN THE PAST EXAMPLES: Everybody was excited because they were leaving for Paris the next day. NOTICE: Past continuous or past simple? (Unit 40) Past continuous or used to ? (Unit 40)...
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