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unit30 - EXAMPLES Visitors may enter the museum from 9:00...

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Unit 30: MAY AND MIGHT May and might are modal verbs. Unit 27 shows you how to make correct sentences with them. This unit shows you when to use them. 1 Possibility a NOW EXAMPLES: I don’t know where John is but he might be help ing Peter. N O T I C E : The Canadian winter may be very cold. = this winter B U T : The Canadian winter can be very cold. = generally b FUTURE EXAMPLES: Gas prices might fall again soon. N O T I C E : also may c PAST EXAMPLES: I think you may have caught a cold. N O T I C E : also might ; also could (Unit 29) 2 Permission a STATEMENT
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Unformatted text preview: EXAMPLES: Visitors may enter the museum from 9:00 to 5:00 each day. b REQUEST EXAMPLES: May I come in? May we think about it for a few days? NOTICE: may only; do NOT use might NOTICE: more polite than can (Unit 28) or could (Unit 29) 3 Might with past tense We use might ( NOT may) in sentences with a past tense verb before the modal (Unit 63.8). EXAMPLES: I thought the road might be blocked so I went another way. H e told me that the next winter in Canada might be very cold....
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