unit32 - want , but it is more polite b offers and...

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Unit 32: WOULD Would is a modal verb. Unit 27 shows you how to make correct sentences with it. This unit shows you when to use it. Notice that –‘d is the short form. USE EXAMPLES 1 Imaginary situations a present and future If we hadn’t met that time, I wouldn’t be here now. (But we met, so I am here now.) I think he would find the movie very interesting. b advice What would you do in my place? If I were you, I ’d take a long holiday. NOTICE: ALSO must and should (Unit 33) C past time They wouldn’t have lost if John had been playing for them. (But he wasn’t playing.) I f I’d known you were coming, I would have stayed longer. (But I didn’t know, so I left.) 2 Would + like a asking I ’d like some information, please.
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Unformatted text preview: want , but it is more polite b offers and invitations Would you like some coffee? Would you like to join us? NOTICE: ALSO can (Unit 28) will (Unit 31) 3 Polite commands Would you open that suitcase, please, madam? 4 Past tense of will a refusal My car wouldnt start this morning. (Unit 31) b We use would (NOT will ) in sentences with a past-tense verb before the modal (Unit 63). For example: He asked me if I would mail a letter for him. (Unit 31) I thought I would visit my parents this weekend. (Unit 31) They said they would be writing to me soon. (Unit 31) NOTICE: We also use would with mind + -ing form (Unit 48.2c), mind + if (Unit 86.2a) and with rather (Unit 84.2)....
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unit32 - want , but it is more polite b offers and...

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