unit34 - to. We say he had to go (NOT he had to went). b...

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Unit 34: HAVE TO / NEED TO / NEEDN’T We use these verbs to talk about necessity. 1 Formation a have to / need to We can make all verb formations with these verbs. For example: Present simple He has to work nine hours a day, but he doesn’t have to work very (Unit 19) hard. Let’s stop. We don’t need to finish today. Past simple Did they have to go out? (Unit 21) Yes, they had to go to the airport. I needed to buy a number of things, but I didn’t have enough money. Present perfect She has had to stay behind to look after the children . (Unit 24) With modal verbs I may have to go to Winnipeg soon. (Unit 27) If she takes that job, they will need to move to another city. NOTICE: We always use base form (Unit 14) after
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Unformatted text preview: to. We say he had to go (NOT he had to went). b needn’t is a modal verb (Unit 27) We needn’t finish today. 2 Use: necessity a general Students don’t usually have to pay tax. Y o u need to get a visa before you travel. b present and future time I have to finish this report today. We can’t find a babysitter; we’ ll have to stay in tonight. Y o u needn’t write it now. You can do it later. NOTICE: We also use have got to for present and future necessity (Unit 36.3). c past time There were no buses. I had to get a taxi. He said that they had to go. NOTICE: The meanings of have to, need to and needn’t are not exactly the same (Unit 35)....
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unit34 - to. We say he had to go (NOT he had to went). b...

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