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Unit 45: NOUNS & NOUN PHRASES A noun is a word for something in the world. It can describe a person ( teacher ), a thing ( desk ), a place ( school ), a time ( year ), a feeling ( fear ), an action ( reply ) or an event ( lesson ). 1 Form English nouns have very few forms. There are only two numbers: singular (one) and plural (two or more). It does not matter how we use a noun in a sentence; the form is usually the same. The form is sometimes different only with the genitive (Unit 49). SINGULAR PLURAL ORDINARY girl girls GENITIVE girl’s girls’ NOTICE: The pronunciation of girls, girl’s and girls’ is exactly the same. 2 Types of noun
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Unformatted text preview: EXAMPLES Proper nouns (Unit 48) are names. John Paris Mass nouns (Unit 47) have only one form. time water Unit nouns have plural (Unit 46) and sometimes genitive forms (Unit 49). hour cup 3 Noun phrases A noun phrase can be: ± a noun or pronoun (Unit 50) alone, for example: girl – her ± a group of words with a noun in it, for example: the table some of the tables the big one both the big tables In every noun phrase, one noun (or pronoun) is the most important word. The other words ‘belong’ to it and give more information about it. You can learn about these other words in Units 51-60....
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