unit48 - Travelling by plane makes me nervous. c after...

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Unit 48: PROPER NOUNS & VERBAL NOUNS These nouns usually have only one form. Proper nouns are either singular or plural; verbal nouns are mass nouns (Unit 47). 1 Proper nouns These are names for a particular person ( John ) or thing ( Toyota ) or place ( Rome ) or time ( May ). a They begin with a capital letter M r. and M rs. Smith A frica P rime M inister H arper I ndependence D ay b Normally, we do not use the . We say: Maria NOT the Maria Pearson Airport NOT the Pearson Tokyo NOT the Tokyo January NOT the January BUT NOTICE plurals the Queen Charlotte Islands the Badlands rivers and seas the Indian Ocean the Nile famous buildings the Acropolis the Louvre names with of the King of Spain the House of Commons 2 Verbal nouns These are the –ing form of the verb (Unit 14) used as a noun. a as the subject Smoking is bad for you. b as part of the subject
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Unformatted text preview: Travelling by plane makes me nervous. c after verbs He doesn’t mind working at night. Would you mind leaving now? (A polite command.) I’ll do the washing and you do the cooking. Let’s go shopping. (A suggestion.) My car keeps stopping. I remember locking the door. (I remember that I did this.) B U T I’ll remember to lock the door. (I won’t forget to do it.) I like listening to music. (Generally.) B U T I would like to listen to some music. (now) He stopped talking . (He was talking; then he stopped.) B U T He stopped to talk. (He was doing something; then he stopped because he wanted to talk.) d after prepositions How about phoning John? (A suggestion.) He’s no good at driving. Why don’t we walk instead of going by car? (A suggestion.)...
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unit48 - Travelling by plane makes me nervous. c after...

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